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How does Telehealth work?

At Complete Care of Iowa, we are licensed to see patients in over 9 states via Telehealth. In order to be able to be seen on Telehealth, you have to be in a state that either you reside in or are visiting and your provider is licensed there.

Our provider and you would then set up a secure video call. These appointments take anywhere from a few minutes to as long as it needs to get your health needs addressed. Our provider is able to prescribe non-controlled substances or medication and will send the medication to your preferred pharmacy electronically.

Megan is licensed to provide medical care to patients in the following states:

  1. Iowa

  2. Colorado

  3. Arizona

  4. Nevada

  5. New Mexico

  6. Washington

  7. Oregon

  8. Vermont

  9. Florida

  10. Massachusetts

You can go here to make an appointment if you live in these states and need to be seen.

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